Glacier Blasting & Shoring partners with its clients to achieve an outstanding safety performance. Our approach ensures a high level of productivity while reducing costs and ensuring every project is completed as scheduled.

The construction industry poses many significant safety challenges.  We believe that through proper hazard assessment and risk mitigation, all incidents are preventable.  Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries. To help achieve this goal, we integrate safety into every aspect of our operations.

Senior management supports and encourages safe work by providing training and resources to keep up with current best practices in safety. Our dynamic team of project managers, supervisors and field crews lead by example. Safety is not just the responsibility of management, but is owned by all Glacier Blasting & Shoring employees.

Glacier Blasting & Shoring is a member of:

  • COR
  • ISNetworld
  • Comply Works
  • ISEE
  • ACSA
  • ADSC